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Potholes at 15609 121A AVENUE NW

The street from 156 street and 121A Avenue to 168 street and 121A Avenue the road is like a wash board with potholes for a long stretch
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8017035183

Potholes at 14559 107A AVENUE NW

Large pot holes and road is cracking curb lane on 107 ave GPS won't take address between 144 st and 149 st west bound
CLOSED 6 days ago #8017073218

Potholes at 2116 89 STREET NW

Very uneven road as there is a huge bump obstructing the road on the right turning lane onto 23rd Ave. from 91st St. heading north bound. It has been very bumpy for the past two years.
CLOSED Non-City Service or Location - 7 days ago #8017071437

Potholes at 20403 STONY PLAIN ROAD NW

3-4 potholes
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - 8 days ago #8017064290

Potholes at 1019 WALKOWSKI PLACE NW

Pothole at intersection if W Blvd and W Wynd turning westbound right to northbound.
CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 8 days ago #8017059378

Potholes at 3757 131A AVENUE NW

Pot hole at corner of 39 street and 131 a avenue
CLOSED Assessed-No Action Required - 8 days ago #8016525594
Potholes at 3757 131A AVENUE NW

Potholes at 2036 104B STREET NW

Pothole left over from road maintenance. Square hole deep with damaging results
OPEN 8 days ago #8017068807

Potholes at 9804 104 STREET NW

Two potholes south side of intersection 98ave 104 st
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - 9 days ago #8016420050

Potholes at 10545 78 AVENUE NW

Huge potholes in the alley. With construction occurring in area, roads blocked off and need to use alley, but so many pothole almost impossible to avoid.
CLOSED . - 9 days ago #8016032367

Potholes at 14931 ELLERSLIE ROAD SW

3 potholes in downward hill
CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 10 days ago #8017059416

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