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Trails at 10955 50 STREET NW

Cross country ski grooming - request to map trails and grooming updates with the SkiTrails tracker app, as is being done at Strathcona Wilderness Centre and Blackfoot (
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8019171112

Trails at 10977 50 STREET NW

Tree has been taken down by beavers and Is now resting on other trees but will fall down with strong winds. Called that past 2 days about beaver issues in goldbar offleash. Will risk safety
CLOSED 22 days ago #8018713547
Trails at 10977 50 STREET NW


Two trees have fallen on the trail called fireman's decent. They are beside each-other about 100 meters from the trail entrance. They are creating a hazard for any biker taking that trail that's not aware of them. Thank you
CLOSED . - 23 days ago #8018196021

Trails at 4122 37 STREET NW

Icey walk way no one up in that house hold does the up keep. No shoveling/salting In the last 3 weeks they need to get fined for having a dangerous icey side walk
CLOSED 23 days ago #8019193584

Trails at Mill Creek Ravine - South Edmonton Division No. 11

The paved trail from 93 Street all the way to Connors Road has been extremely rutted very hard to ride without a fat bike for the last 2 month. While it has been cleared of snow but the underlying ruts in the ice beneath make it extremely...
CLOSED . - 24 days ago #8019183418

Trails at 9303 98 STREET NW

The Flying Canoe event is being set up with little regard for walkers and cyclists that use the ravine. At about the spot I've marked a wooden platform has been built that blocks the trail. No warning signs, lights, or reflective tape. Ne...
CLOSED 24 days ago #8019187717

Trails at 4104 ASPEN DRIVE WEST NW

Stairs are super icy and slippery
CLOSED Assessed-No Action Required - 25 days ago #8019162404
Trails at 4104 ASPEN DRIVE WEST NW

Trails at 15816 100 AVENUE NW

The multiuse trail along 100 ave between 163 street and 149 street needs to be cleared of snow. It is a bumpy mess
CLOSED 25 days ago #8019168109

Trails at 8708 101 Ave NW

Hi On Friday night (January 18) a car lost control and hit a Poplar Tree on the North End of Allan Stein Park. (101 Avenue and 87 Street, in Riverdale). The car has been removed but there is a substantial amount of large pieces of car wi...
CLOSED 25 days ago #8019145820

Trails at Whitemud Creek Ravine South Edmonton Division No. 11

Staircase on Whitemud ravine trail south of snow valley ski hill and whitemud freeway has had a thick layer of ice and frozen ice snow mix on the stair treads for a few weeks now. It needs to be chipped off as it is a significant safety h...
CLOSED 26 days ago #8019176912

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