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Potholes at 14110 ELLERSLIE ROAD SW

Large potholes in both directions. Unavoidable again. When will the road be fixed and not patched? Needs attention immediately.
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - 22 days ago #8019173574


Three potholes on second left turning lane
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8019100522


Deep potholes in this area. These are not safe, cause swerving and may cause damage.
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8019093409

Potholes at 14715 YELLOWHEAD TRAIL NW

Massive pothole in left lane eastbound. Has been there for over a year and continues to get bigger
CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 22 days ago #8019087762

Potholes at 12505 97 STREET NW

Pot hole in yellowhead westbound on ramp at 97 st. Right by the traffic lights waiting to go across 97st
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8018968908

Potholes at 10508 66 Ave NW

Larger, wide hole by stop sign at intersection of 66 Avenue and 105 Street
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8018664096

Potholes at 14320 ELLERSLIE ROAD SW

Huge pot wholes up this entire section of ellerslie. Drivers swerving into on coming traffic to avoid them. 1 drive just got a flat tire from it as of 9:27 Jan 28th.
CLOSED 22 days ago #8019177760

Potholes at Rabbit Hill Rd NW Southwest Edmonton Edmonton

The road is full with potholes and the lack of light makes it impossible to see them at night . 26/01/19 @ 6:30pm at least 5 vehicles had to stop due to damage in their car.
CLOSED 22 days ago #8019174125

Potholes at 5411 106 STREET NW

Pothole forming over covered over manhole. Raise up manhole to street level ? Cover over completely again if out of service?
CLOSED 22 days ago #8018733970
Potholes at 5411 106 STREET NW

Potholes at 7629 38 Ave NW Southeast Edmonton

The parking lot behind Safeway needs to be patched up or redone, it has numerous potholes again
CLOSED 311 Redirecting to Other Business Area - 23 days ago #8019174015

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