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Pothole in the left lane driver side. Been there for 4 years. Recently weeks been getting wider and deeper
OPEN 20 days ago #8017334886

Potholes at 10950 82 AVENUE NW

Pothole on curb lane passenger side. Getting wider and deeper.
OPEN 20 days ago #8017334903

Traffic Signal Light Timing at 15830 83 AVENUE NW

Red light activates on its own no one around and no side traffic
OPEN 20 days ago #8017321238

Litter Public Property at 8812 152b Ave NW Northwest Edmonton

In Dr William Rowan Park, there is garbage all around the garbage can. And Shopping carts on the corner, I called the nearest Wal-Mart Dec 15 and they haven't come to pick up the carts.
OPEN 21 days ago #8017195436

Manhole Covers/Catch Basin Concerns at 15264 127 STREET NW

Manhole cover is sinking far into the roadway causing a large pot hole 127 st northbound about 100 meters south of 153 ave in the left lane
OPEN Investigation Ongoing - 21 days ago #8017329877

Traffic Sign at 5105 107 STREET NW

School bus zone times need to be increased. Bus drops of at 930, is here at 1220, and is picking kids up at 410. Because of the minimal times on the school bus zone sign, we are having to park far away and have 4 and 5 year olds walking p...
OPEN 21 days ago #8017314198
Traffic Sign at 5105 107 STREET NW

Road Maintenance at 10812 50 St NW

where are the plows?!?! snow maintenance is a joke in this city. the roads are absolutely atrocious. where are the plows, the city has had 24 hours to clear the snow and not even the bus routes have been done. Major intersections are...
OPEN 21 days ago #8017315809

Road Maintenance at 13169-13245 170 St NW

The train tracks here are out of control. The ruts that the pavement have made are huge and even driving over these tracks at 50 (posted limit is 70) will cause your car to go airborne for a moment.
OPEN 22 days ago #8017324585

Traffic Signal Light Timing at 10310 101 STREET NW

I was in the left hand turn lane at this intersection where new lights have recently been installed (was a regular crosswalk up until recently). While I had a green light to then, there were always pedestrians crossing so I couldn't. When...
OPEN 22 days ago #8017303199

Overgrown Trees at 4903 13 AVENUE NW

This is my second request, I never received any email or confirmation previously. This large poplar tree is lifting my fence and driveway, and ruins my vehicle finishes with its budding in the spring. Leaves impossible to remove sap on my...
OPEN 22 days ago #8017314659
Overgrown Trees at 4903 13 AVENUE NW