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Potholes at 5340 199 STREET NW

Big pothole
OPENED 5 days ago #8019265580
Potholes at 5340 199 STREET NW

Potholes at 137 Ave NW Edmonton Division No. 11

There is a very large pothole in the driving lane going west over the ravine just past Starling. One has to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane in order to avoid it and it is large enough to damage a rim for sure.
OPENED 6 days ago #8019255868

Potholes at Whitemud Dr NW

Pothole left lane eastbound. Before bridge or on bridge. Left side of left lane. Looks like an old repair didn't hold.
OPENED 6 days ago #8019260122

Potholes at 9603 99A STREET NW

Scona Road ramp from 97 Ave. Big pothole on left side of road about 10-20m before merge. Been there for weeks.
OPENED 6 days ago #8019257763

Potholes at 5028B CHAPPELLE ROAD SW

Massive craters, not even potholes, are covering the entire road. The terrible road that shouldn't even be called a road because it is so poorly paved and has so curb. The road should be paved properly and not just haphazardly because thi...
OPENED 16 days ago #8019187383

Potholes at 4501 142 STREET NW

Four large potholes in a row on the bridge
OPENED 19 days ago #8019193376

Potholes at 11505 ELLERSLIE ROAD SW

Large hole right side
OPENED . - 21 days ago #8019144663

Potholes at 10895U 23 AVENUE NW

OPENED 23 days ago #8019174265

Potholes at 17003 67 AVENUE NW

Pot hole on road in right turn exit off 170st into 69 avenue .
OPENED 24 days ago #8019171214

Potholes at 11435 106 STREET NW

Large deep pothole with underground pipe of some sort exposed
OPENED 25 days ago #8019166532

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