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Overflowing Garbage Cans at 1723 Cunningham Way SW Heritage Valley Area

Two garbage cans at two separate bus stops by this address are overflowing. The first can is on Cunningham way on the east side of the road bus stop #9842 and the second can is on Cunningham Drive SW just east of the intersection with Cun...
about 4 hours ago

Overflowing Garbage Cans at 14803 MILLER BOULEVARD NW

BusLink Number7752 trash can is overflowing at the corner of Miller Blvd Route 181 Southbound to Clareview Station. Please have garbage removed.
about 23 hours ago

Overflowing Garbage Cans at 718 TODD LANDING NW

Garbage can to be returned to west side of pond and chained to bench. It was in this location but garbage crew moved it to north end of path and chained it to a lamppost in December (close to an existing can).
1 day ago


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