Other - Vandalism/Damage at 1A FAIRWAY DRIVE NW

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Submitted Jun 13, 2018

The metal railing will need to be replaced as soon as possible. It was damaged when a vehicle hit that and the bus stop on May 23rd. Most of the metal bar is missing. Broken pieces remain and are sticking out. This is located at bus stop 4238 that is quite busy after school. There are usually 30 to 40 kids waiting there after school. The kids are always sitting, climbing or standing on the broken railing, so could be hurt if they fall on top of the broken edges. The kids are also stepping off the edge of the sidewalk due to the uneven ground. The sidewalk is higher than the mulch next to it. So the kids have been stepping onto the mulch and breaking the plants that are usually protected from the railing. Thank you.

Where: Walkway

Area? (e.g. SW corner): 119 street and 1B Fairway Drive. Next to bus stop number 4238.


coordinates x,y: 30612.230504649462, 5926668.238635884

coordinates lat,lng: 53.47211133662285, -113.538942884764

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