Dead Trees - Public Property at 625 LEGER WAY NW

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Submitted Jul 12, 2018

This tree is dead. It once had leaves this year but as if today's date the leaves are gone, the tree is sickly and the tree trunk can be wiggled easily. The tree trunk bark Is damaged at the base of the tree possibly by rabbits. It is located at Lilian Osborn High School on the East side of the school yard field ( near the 1/2 way marker of the East soccer field near a black iron fence in front of the Brown Brass 3 Condo.

Where: Park (Not River valley)

address: 625 LEGER WAY NW

coordinates x,y: 28069.683306741495, 5924830.750115993

coordinates lat,lng: 53.45574166165052, -113.5773995240345

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