Windrows at 3820 114 Street NW

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Submitted Feb 10, 2018

This windrow is blocking the parking in front of a seniors residence. I can walk 2 blocks to visit my mother, but she and other residents that all have mobility issues cannot. This has been like this now for over a week, while the bike lanes are all cleared within 24 hours. I think we need to review our priorities in our city for who needs help the quickest. I know this is not considered a "handicapped" space, but common sense needs to take precedence.

Blocking: Handicapped

Height in cm? 70

Traveling Direction: Southbound

address: 3820 114 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 31416.982116668518, 5926946.388293272

coordinates lat,lng: 53.47456333333334, -113.526795

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