Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 5204 126 St NW Southwest Edmonton

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Submitted Apr 11, 2018

The back alley behind our house is flooded again, the same is true for the alley behind House 5208, as can be sen in the picture. This has been an ongoing for a number of years, made worse by last year's reconstruction of the sidewalks, streets etc. This area needs to be backfilled, compacted and graded. This was done several times over the last few years, but the problem re-appears every year. Thank you

Is there a catch basin nearby: Unknown

Traveling Direction: Northbound

Lane: Alley

address: 5204 126 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 29716.334638880708, 5928543.753382307

coordinates lat,lng: 53.4890155, -113.5522583

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