Road Maintenance at 10139 83 STREET NW

CLOSED Violation Remedied - 12 months ago #8017696554
Submitted Apr 11, 2018

Excavation for an infill a few houses away up the back alley started yesterday. Today I don't know if it was the weight of the backhoe or dump trucks but then back alley is destroyed! It's not just mud. Sections of the back alley have broken and sunken in. In some places the hole is 13cm deep. I can broken sections in front of my garage, in front of my neighbour's garage and in front of the neighbour across the back alley from us. Please come take a look. It is so low that from the back alley to our back driveway, the bottom of my car would scrape against the driveway when backing out.

Issue: Rut/Heave

Traveling Direction: Northbound

Lane: Alley

address: 10139 83 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 36136.66607951576, 5934541.609032581

coordinates lat,lng: 53.54250799853933, -113.4548349734851

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