Pooling Water in Play Space at 1070 ROSENTHAL BOULEVARD NW

CLOSED 311 Redirecting to Other Business Area - 9 months ago #8018176099
Submitted Jul 05, 2018

Water pooling in park while spray park is running. Water is going down the drain but the slope on the concrete and he subsequent landscaping allows for a lot more water to flow into the field flooding it out. The field SE is practically unusable as if you step in the area you sink into the water which can be up to ankle deep in some places. Even the flowerbeds surrounding the SE part of the spray park are full of water. Needs to be monitored and investigated further if this is not by design. Also requesting a callback on this matter as this has been brought to the attention of the committee working to form a Community League for which I am the chair.

Area? (e.g. SW corner): SE of spray park in field


coordinates x,y: 19983.92129776597, 5931632.140589295

coordinates lat,lng: 53.51722661856944, -113.6986989529332

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