Traffic Sign at 10211 112 STREET NW

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Submitted Jul 11, 2018

Some people seem to treat this intersection as a four-way stop. I think this might be because rather than reading '2-way stop' under the stop sign, which is a very uncommon traffic sign, they simply interpret it as a 'stop sign with a box under it containing the word "way"', meaning they should come to a complete stop and then proceed if they were there first. I and multiple people I know have narrowly missed being hit while cycling or driving, and I have even misused the intersection myself absent-mindedly. Solutions could include simply removing the 'two-way' designator, which is redundant and potentially more harmful than good, or making the intersection an all-way stop. Thanks!

Issue: Sign request - Install/Remove

address: 10211 112 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 32214.453137051714, 5934574.514488863

coordinates lat,lng: 53.54305875492612, -113.5140004010066

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