Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 15303 18 STREET NW

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Submitted Aug 08, 2018

Don't know if this is an enforcement issue but the sign in the picture creates a serious obstruction when facing north on 18th street, looking west towards 153 avenue. The picture attached is actually not the worst example. If you roll forward a bit (like most people do) the sign blocks the view of 153 ave almost all the way down to Victoria Trail. There was a pretty serious accident at this intersection over the weekend and I think this may be a contributing factor.

Where? Road

Issue: Obstructing Sightline - Non Tree/Shrub

Traveling Direction: Northbound

address: 15303 18 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 41755.55091046804, 5942769.265081982

coordinates lat,lng: 53.61601961781607, -113.3689726051999

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