Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 10820 33 Avenue NW

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Submitted Sep 10, 2018

Water pools in deep depressions on road during rains and remains long after other parts of street have dried. Pictures are several hours after the rain stopped. Water is pooled in several areas around the picture area. Pools are too deep to step through. Previous attempts at resolving have failed. Requesting thorough patching starting at curb and reaching out past the width of the vehicles so that driver can step out of vehicle away from puddles too deep to step into. Puddles are too wide. Cannot be avoided. Requesting repair to disperse water adequately during and after raining.

Is there a catch basin nearby: Yes but not blocked

Traveling Direction: Eastbound

Lane: Right

Previous ref# if updating: 8015492447

address: 10820 33 AVENUE NW

coordinates x,y: 32555.273444791015, 5925906.488557657

coordinates lat,lng: 53.46515, -113.5097583333333

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