Traffic Signal Light Timing at 12506 124 Street NW

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Submitted Oct 10, 2018

The issue is bad intersection signal timing on Yellowhead of the 124 Street signals. The problem is most evident during the afternoon eastbound direction. I will describe the sequence here. When travelling on Yellowhead eastbound and after sitting at a red light at 127 Street, the signal then turns green. The platoon of vehicles then proceeds eastbound. But the 124 St signal is already starting to count down to change to red. The 124 Street signal should be timed so that after 127 St, a 300m long platoon of vehicles can proceed at least past 124 Street without stopping. Often only a few vehicles, or about a 80m long platoon can get through, the rest all get stopped. If a semi truck is at the front of the queue or platoon, then virtually evry vehicle gets stopped. Those that do get through inevitably get stopped at 121 Street. And this all combined is causing eastbound traffic to back up further west of 127 Street, as the space between 124 St to 127 St fills up completely. The goal is once a large platoon of vehicles has begun moving, then it should ideally be allowed to keep moving. 124 Street is a low priority road and access from 124 St to Yellowhead should not even exist, as even to this day, alternate access to areas north and south of Yellowhead already exists. I know 124 Street is scheduled to be closed as part of the Yellowhead freeway conversion, but until then, why cant the signals be timed in such a way as to allow a reasonably sized platoon of vehicles in both east and westbound directions to proceed through 124 St without unessesary stopping? Resolving the timing of 124 St may in itself correct the timing of arriving vehicles at 121 St to coincide with the existing 121 St signal timing. Then the 121 St signal may also need to be tweaked, which should be easy to do given the traffic volume distribution. The intersection is full access in all directions. But it is essentially a T-intersection with heavy volumes at south leg and a low volume private CN Rail access to the north side. There is very little traffic that proceeds north or south through the intersection. Changing the timing of this signal should have very little impact to the signal further south on 121 St at 118 Ave given the long distance to 118 Ave. In any case, the signal timing at Yellowhead at 121 St is of greater importance than the signal at 121 St and 118 Ave. The best way to manage signals on Yellowhead, may be by viewing 127 St as the center of signal timing control and adjust other signals on Yellowhead from that point east and west accordingly. Signals in northbound and southbound directions on arterials that cross Yellowhead may need to then be adjusted to coincide with the main Yellowhead intersections. Alternatively, just close 124 Street now. Alternate signalized full access already exists for the industrial area north of Yellowhead at 127 St and 126 Ave. And altrnate signalized full acces exists for the residential area to the south of Yellowhead at 127 St and 122 St. And alternate full access without signals exists at 123 Ave and 124 Ave. Then simultaneously remove the intersection blockade at 124 Street at 123 Ave. This plan would still prevent traffic from shortcut through the community and is in line with the goals of making Yellowhead a freeway.

Issue: Red / Amber / Green Lights

Time of incident: Tue Oct 09, 2018 05:30pm

Travelling direction: Eastbound

address: 12506 124 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 30732.35011704503, 5938747.84899452

coordinates lat,lng: 53.58064738260031, -113.5359489182189

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