Trails at 213 Greenoch Crescent NW

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Submitted Oct 30, 2018

Epcor outtake #99 sits at the crossroads of 2 heavily used paths in Jackie Parker Park. In the winter it is very unsafe for both dogs and humans because if you fall into the stream, the banks are steep enough that you will not be able to easily climb out. Requesting that a snow fence or other temporarily or permanent fence be placed to block both humans and dogs from approaching the water directly beside the outtake pipe. A fence was placed on the east side of the outtake however this does not prevent access from the two heavily used trails directly beside the outtake

Trail surface: Granular

Issue: Washout - Sinkhole


coordinates x,y: 38358.53324358153, 5927419.894079323

coordinates lat,lng: 53.47835833333333, -113.4221883333333

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