Sidewalk Concern at 1309 FALCONER ROAD NW

CLOSED 5 months ago #8018778600
Submitted Nov 03, 2018

Buses and car wash snow and ice on to our sidewalks. As I am not putting your chemical ( salt and calcium chloride) mixture on my grass I have deposited the road slush back to the middle of the road. Unless you have a better solution to stop cars and buses especially putting the road snow and slush on my sidewalk. This is the solution I am going with. I advise that you should consider adding lane blocks like I see in many other neighbourhoods to move vehicles away from the sidewalk - to avoid icing up the sidewalks adjacent to my yard.

Issue: Uneven/Slanted

address: 1309 FALCONER ROAD NW

coordinates x,y: 27084.18453565185, 5925681.9557710495

coordinates lat,lng: 53.46344198694818, -113.5921628991585

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Thu Nov 08, 2018 02:46pm Closed
Sat Nov 03, 2018 02:09pm Opened
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