Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 3720 48 Street NW

CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 3 months ago #8018782144
Submitted Nov 04, 2018

The city and park paving attempted to repair new pavement due to pooling concerns only to move the pooling away from drain ? Suggest to use surveyors instead of 4' level to get proper slope as witnessed from repair last week !

Is there a catch basin nearby: Yes but not blocked

Traveling Direction: Westbound

Lane: Left

address: 3720 48 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 38800.626269120665, 5926293.334655199

coordinates lat,lng: 53.46820319919613, -113.41566833758

Timestamp Description
Wed May 08, 2019 03:15pm Closed with status: Deferred-Future Work Planned.
Sun Nov 04, 2018 03:38pm Opened
Sun Nov 04, 2018 03:37pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone