Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 104 WOODBEND WYND NW

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Submitted Nov 08, 2018

Construction vehicles and equipment block view of being able to safely turn left. They have been verbally requested to improve their site and they have yet to do so. More equipment seems to be showing up vs less. This job has been going on for weeks with no communication of any kind to the residents down Woodbend Wynd from any of the multiple companies. There is much more traffic down this section of 199st including SPEEDING short haul dirt trailers that would kill me and my family instantly if there was an obstruction of our view of turning safely. I hope some one hears our complaint and actually helps us.

Where? Road

Issue: Obstructing Sightline - Non Tree/Shrub

Traveling Direction: Northbound

address: 104 WOODBEND WYND NW

coordinates x,y: 22374.54748431038, 5925912.3561200285

coordinates lat,lng: 53.46573333333333, -113.6630633333333

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