Bike Lanes at 12916 102 Ave

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Submitted Sun Apr 04, 2021

Metal bars protrude horizontally from the fence of this property at exactly the level of the face for cyclists. They are extremely difficult to see, and I almost was clotheslined off my bicycle by one while giving a wide berth to pedestrians. They aren't over the concrete of the path, but they are close enough that someone riding on the edge of the concrete could be hit in the face if they were leaning on their bike (which happens in the natural motion of pedaling). Extremely dangerous situation

Where: Paved Trail

Issue: Debris or Obstructions

Accessibility/disability issue? no

address: 12916 102 AVENUE NW

coordinates x,y: 30171.208718849524, 5934574.480867062

coordinates lat,lng: 53.543179740219244, -113.54482446871948

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Tue Apr 06, 2021 07:08am Closed with status: 311 Redirecting to Other Business Area
Sun Apr 04, 2021 06:45pm Opened
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