Noxious Weeds - Public Property at 1050 Paisley Drive SW

CLOSED Partially Completed-Future work planned - about 1 month ago #8022802383
Submitted Sun Jul 25, 2021

There is A LOT of foxtail noxious weeds in the Paisley dog park. The foxtails are very dangerous for dogs. The spikes get into a dog's nasal passages and throat and can kill them. These need to be removed ASAP before some dog dies.

Where: Rough Grass/Tree Stands/Off Leash

address: 1050 PAISLEY DRIVE SW

coordinates x,y: 29414.90866608628, 5920093.154398741

coordinates lat,lng: 53.41309720000001, -113.5575896

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Tue Jul 27, 2021 02:42pm Closed with status: Partially Completed-Future work planned
Sun Jul 25, 2021 06:50am Opened
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