Windrows at 12015 97 Street NW

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Submitted Sun Nov 21, 2021

A complete udder disaster this year. The sidewalk to bus stop 1126 is completely covered by snow which makes for an extremely difficult walk since I can't even see the sidewalk and so I actually have to walk on the road so imagine I was in a wheelchair or had a stroller. The stop was cleared enough to get on and off a bus which shows some effort was done by someone. Every year it seems like the city spending money on snow removal is wasted on incompetent workers that do a good job on the street but leave sidewalks and crosswalk corners dangerously clogged up with snow making it hard for anyone to walk

Blocking: Covered Sidewalk

Height in cm? 60

Traveling Direction: Northbound

Bus Stop # (if applicable): 1126

address: 12015 97 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 33651.067547450286, 5937992.781726534

coordinates lat,lng: 53.57368367523879, -113.4919601554724

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