Street Sweeping at 17610 104 Street NW

CLOSED Does Not Meet Bylaw Offence Standards - 23 days ago #8024014159
Submitted Mon Jul 11, 2022

One of the neighbours is running what used to be called a curbing operation. A stream of unlicensed vehicles are left on the street, with the result being a section of road that is never cleared of snow, and hasn't been swept in years. I would like the road to be swept, and perhaps the City should investigate whether the individual has a business licence. The vehicles occasionally are given notice that they will be towed, but they never are.

Issue: Neighbourhood completed and street was missed

Where: Road

address: 17610 104 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 32898.08385981661, 5945447.729903122

coordinates lat,lng: 53.64071765402844, -113.502541098418

Timestamp Description
Mon Nov 07, 2022 03:20pm Closed with status: Does Not Meet Bylaw Offence Standards
Mon Jul 11, 2022 04:04am Opened
Mon Jul 11, 2022 04:03am Submitted via iPhone Iphone