Noxious Weeds - Public Property at Graydon Hill

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Submitted Wed Aug 03, 2022

The turf-grass areas marked 'C' and 'D' on the attached picture were turned over to the city but failed inspection aren't being maintained. We complained about this a few weeks ago and by-law got involved. Area 'C' was mowed but area 'D' was not. Both areas have many thistles and other noxious weeds in them and they are coming back strong in area C as well. As a neighbourhood HOA we are looking to ensure that this area is maintained. The developer is MLC.

Where: Maintained Turf, e.g. Sportsfield

Accessibility/disability issue? no

address: 1308 GRAYDON HILL WAY SW

coordinates x,y: 29501.901430174446, 5921303.577452889

coordinates lat,lng: 53.423969, -113.556168

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