Traffic Signal Light Timing at 1115 103 A Street SW

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Submitted Tue Nov 15, 2022

Recurring Left Signal Outage: Left turn signal from Ellerslie WB turning left to 103A SB occasionally does not work during the morning rush hour from 7am to 8am, causing unsafe conditions for those needing to turn left during the busiest time of the day. This also causes a big backup of vehicles on the WB Ellerslie overpass that crosses over the QE2. This is a recurring problem that that has been reported several times in the past months, but still repeats itself every few days. We suspect that someone is tampering with the light pattern to suit their personal driving needs while compromising all other directions of travel at that intersection.

Issue: Turn Signals

Time of incident: Tue Nov 15, 2022 07:40am

Travelling direction: Southbound

Accessibility/disability issue? no

address: 1115 103A STREET SW

coordinates x,y: 33527.05702169869, 5921371.680433853

coordinates lat,lng: 53.4243406, -113.495608

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