Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 3515 87 Street NW

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Submitted Sat Mar 18, 2023

Alley way, side walk and residential street are being blocked by the water. Currently extremely difficult to get waste bins and recycling to their correct location. This was unblocked until you did the residential street plow. I could no longer keep it blocked. This issue is 7 years in a row.

Is there a catch basin nearby: Yes it is blocked

Type of Road: Residential

Traveling Direction: Northbound

Lane: Right

Accessibility/disability issue? yes

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address: 3515 87 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 35770.284838392494, 5926344.791053622

coordinates lat,lng: 53.46888, -113.4612966666667

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Wed Mar 22, 2023 07:53am Closed
Sat Mar 18, 2023 04:00pm Opened
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