Litter Public Property at 9623 176 Street NW

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Submitted Thu Sep 21, 2023

Terra Losa Park. In the tree path area Clearly stolen items here as well. Please have cleaned asap and this is mainly a seniors area and cannot enjoy the park with people making camps and ruining everything. This is absolutely disgusting that they are able to do this.

Where? Green Space

Area? (e.g. SW corner)? Terra Losa Park. NE corner large tree area with walking paths

Garbage Volume: More

Inside Park: Terra Losa Park

Related Ticket: 8025131221

address: 9503 178 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 24696.78042204402, 5933033.757986946

coordinates lat,lng: 53.52962102784795, -113.6275333859894

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