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Trails at 9303 98 Street NW

Bridge above Connors road needs to be shoveled. There is also loose planks under the snow.
CLOSED about 3 hours ago #8021074170
Trails at 9303 98 Street NW

Trails at 5120 164 Avenue NW Unit 42

There is a shared use path just south of my home. It is incredibly dark once night falls and is a risk for anyone walking animals in the area. Coyotes are prevalent. Is it possible to have low level lighting installed anywhere to allow us...
CLOSED about 3 hours ago #8021059991

Trails at 9330 Groat Road NW

There is no rubber path for skates (shocking) out to the pond @ William Hawrelak Park.
CLOSED Citizen Contacted - 3 days ago #8021057284
Trails at 9330 Groat Road NW

Trails at 6603 Ada Boulevard NW

Fallen tree across river valley trail south side of Highlands GC.
CLOSED 3 days ago #8021027890
Trails at 6603 Ada Boulevard NW

Trails at Fort Edmonton Footbridge, Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Would like to see the Parks and Recreation department to assign either names or numbers to River Valley and other trails.Right now it's almost impossible to report any issue on a given trail because they don't have any names/ numbers to g...
CLOSED 4 days ago #8021069406

Trails at 10995 50 Street NW

Gold Bar Park, trail head by Dyer bridge, entrance to gravel trail, missing garbage can, which was below dog dispenser.
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8021021004

Trails at 9651 87 Avenue NW

Hello. Can the asphalt trail in Mill Creek Ravine please be cleared with the same priority as other bike lanes? Other paths were cleared much sooner since the last snowfall. This one has not been cleared at all and it's a major bike/pe...
CLOSED 10 days ago #8021050001

Trails at 13204 45 Avenue NW

The trails that finish on the West Bank of the ravine come out at this location. Recently construction of some description has put up fencing that completely blocks trail access to the main gravel path. I had to scramble across the creek...
OPENED 10 days ago #8021029486

Trails at 1050 Paisley Drive SW

Snow clearing inside dog park has made 4 foot piles against the fence allowing dogs to escape from off leash area.
CLOSED 11 days ago #8021029675

Trails at 16405 78 Avenue NW

Excessive amount of salt. This area is off leash. Please shovel not salt this is a wood bridge.
CLOSED 14 days ago #8021026133
Trails at 16405 78 Avenue NW

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