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Road Maintenance at 1014 EAST BEND NW

Corner of East Gate and 199 Street needs to be gravelled/sanded/salted it is EXTREMELY slippery.
CLOSED about 13 hours ago #8017425512

Road Maintenance at 9945 83 AVENUE NW

Bike lane sheet of ice
OPEN 3 days ago #8017418816

Road Maintenance at 130 Ave NW Edmonton Division No. 11

(130 Ave from Victoria Trail to 34 St and all adjacent streets, including 130a Ave) Blading was to be done and complete by Feb 5. Website says it's complete, but it hasn't even been started. I called 311 on Feb 8 and still nothing. A resp...
CLOSED 5 days ago #8017404200

Road Maintenance at 2303 GATEWAY BOULEVARD NW

The road level and Train tracks are very uneven at this location, you wonder if your wheels have fallen off when you go over it, all 3 lanes are horrendous!!
OPEN 6 days ago #8017404122

Road Maintenance at Calgary Trail South Edmonton Division No. 11

On the North side of 70th avenue, right after you turn west onto the ave from Calgary Trail, there is a drain. Directly after the drain the curb is slanted. This is a poor design that leads drivers to believe the entire curb is slanted. I...
CLOSED More Information Required, Please Call 311 - 6 days ago #8017400113
Road Maintenance at Calgary Trail South Edmonton Division No. 11

Road Maintenance at 13908 61 STREET NW

Road "Resurfaced" 3 years ago water seeping under resurfacing and freezing causing ashphalt to lift-
CLOSED 6 days ago #8017128566

Road Maintenance at CA River Valley Walterdale Edmonton

After coming off of the High Level Bridge, two lanes open to the left. They have recently been re-paved and had the lines re-painted. The lines on the first left lane that you may enter have been painted too narrow. They go from being wid...
CLOSED 6 days ago #8016169379

Road Maintenance at 820 BRECKENRIDGE BAY NW

This a concern from fire station 29. The fire service has responded to several MVC in this location. The location is on winterburn rd ( 215 st) between whitemud drive and Rosenthal way. The pavement is uneven on the east side to the road...
CLOSED 7 days ago #8017388853

Road Maintenance at 509 KULAWY POINT NW

If you're calling our cul de sac done, it's not done! Just had a bobcat, yes a bobcat, run through in about 2 minutes? Still ruts and lots of snow! The road up to our cul de sac still has ruts! The main roads were done so good but the res...
CLOSED . - 10 days ago #8017367134

Road Maintenance at 1 EVERGREEN PARK NW

Needs sand bad for tge last few days very slippery when come to a stop at intersection
CLOSED 10 days ago #8017382945

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