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Street Sweeping at North Central Edmonton Edmonton Division No. 11

Please ensure to sweep clean the parking lots of all the City-owned recreation centres/ arenas along with the streets. Example: streets by Grand Trunk are swept but the GT Centre's parking lots were left extremely filthy. They pose hazar...
CLOSED Work to be completed as per online schedule - 4 days ago #8022367726

Street Sweeping at 12010 104 Street NW

Street was not swept last year; am hoping that will not repeat. 104 street from 120 to 121 ave.
CLOSED 4 days ago #8022366244
Street Sweeping at 12010 104 Street NW

Street Sweeping at 714 Glenwright Court NW

One pass in the middle of the road? That's all that is required for street sweeping? The sweeper went in the middle, didn't go against the sides at all where all of the leaves and junk are and a majority of the cars were moved. This is NO...
CLOSED 4 days ago #8022365825

Street Sweeping at 11325 61 St NW Highlands

Nice to know that street sweeping has been scheduled. May we know approximately when? The information below is incorrect, because the choices you give us are incorrect. What a system!
CLOSED 5 days ago #8022362937

Street Sweeping at 15a Ave NW Mill Woods Edmonton

Hi, there were signs posted in Stillwater indicating street cleaning would be done second week of April. A sweeper just did a brief pass through the area today, but did not do the sides where most of the buildup is located. Do you know if...
CLOSED 6 days ago #8022360200

Street Sweeping at 4058 Mactaggart Drive NW

Noisy leaf blowers and dust. A crew were out yesterday for six hours (no exaggeration) with multiple leaf blowers cleaning the yards and private road that encompasses this complex. They then proceeded to blow the leaves and sand from th...
CLOSED More Information Required, Please Call 311 - 6 days ago #8022359561

Street Sweeping at 7415 Saskatchewan Drive NW

At Keillor point there is a long and winding hill down to fox drive recreation paths. The hill is very steep and was very heavily gravelled in winter. However it's now very dangerous for hikers and cyclists when trying to navigate the ste...
CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 6 days ago #8022350947

Street Sweeping at Mc Crae Ave NW Griesbach Edmonton

We got up early, moved our vehicles for street sweeping and other people (likely workers from the place across the street) have now filled the parking along the street! **side note: this form o lu has one option for the 'issue' drop dow...
CLOSED 6 days ago #8022354276

Street Sweeping at 12904 119 Street NW

119 street swept on April 1st ... same day the sign noting 2nd week of april was placed. No vehicles were moved ("issue" options were limited to the 1, its incorrect but its the only way to submit through the app)
OPENED 7 days ago #8022353269
Street Sweeping at 12904 119 Street NW

Street Sweeping at 12059 94 St Northmount

I cant find the street cleaning schedule. I understood it would be available on line
CLOSED 8 days ago #8022356365

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