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Streetlight Maintenance at 4559 Turner Square NW Terwillegar Towne

The main Street light in front of our house flickers on and off. Usually it's off. It's really dark in this little corner without it! Worried my car or house might get broken into
CLOSED Reported to Repair Crew - 8 minutes ago #8023804388

Traffic Sign at 15024 Miller Boulevard NW

Multiple potholes u fresh. That hopefully dong go back amthetr
OPENED 11 minutes ago #8023804825

Potholes at 4309 137 Avenue NW

Potholes located in the left lanes of 137 Ave Eastbound direction.
OPENED 16 minutes ago #8023804824

Parking Complaint at Gateway Boulevard & 48 Avenue

abandoned black van || 52-N013
CLOSED Vehicle Gone Upon Arrival - 33 minutes ago #8023793422

Streetlight Maintenance at 325 Hedley Way NW

Streetlight between 325 and 327 Hedley Way is out.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #8023804821

Structure/Playground Maintenance at 11004 97 Ave NW North Central Edmonton

I would like to request that one or more washrooms be installed at this park over the summer/warm months. The park is used extensively by people who live downtown all season. It is the best option for transit. However, users are required...
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #8023804203

Parking Complaint at 2908 116 A Avenue NW

Not moved for at least a week. First sign to be an abandoned vehicle?
OPENED Warning Issued - about 1 hour ago #8023803399

Litter Public Property at 10709 105 St NW

Table, broken glass, and construction signage
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - about 1 hour ago #8023804059

Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 10919 175 Ave NW Chambery

Abandoned shopping cart on boulevard east side of 110 Street, south of 175 Avenue
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #8023804076

Potholes at 9632 65 Ave NW Southeast Edmonton

Alley north of and behind 9632 65 Ave is sinking. Road work was done in the winter but was filled prematurely in frozen ground.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #8023804820

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