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Winter Sidewalk Concern at 9100 Walterdale Hill Nw, Edmonton T6 E 2 V3

Large sheet of ice covering the multi use path about halfway up Walterdale Hill road. Needs to be broken up. Hazard for anyone coming down hill.
OPENED 8 minutes ago #8024743483

Parking Complaint at 5015 111 Street NW

Toyota blue (108ASt S of 51 Ave)
OPENED 23 minutes ago #8024743398

Potholes at Durabuilt Windows & Doors, 10920 178 St Nw, Edmonton T5 S 1 R7

The right lane of the intersection of 178 and 109Ave has a hole that covers half the lane
OPENED Work Planned-Route/Schedule Dependent - 24 minutes ago #8024742689

Winter Sidewalk Concern at Chappelle Green SW

Chappelle Green side walk it used by Donal R Getty school kids. There are 3 prosperities (1275-crossing of Chappelle green and Chappelle Blvd SW, 4035 and 4039) didn't remove snow from sidewalk. Now warming weather making is slippery and...
OPENED 29 minutes ago #8024743365

Parking Complaint at 12036 89 St NW

Silver coloured car. Ford. It’s been there for 3 weeks.
OPENED Warning Issued - 35 minutes ago #8024742852

Other - Vandalism/Damage at 10277 97 St NW

They have 2 windows that are broken where there are jagged edges and extremely dangerous. There are pieces that are being ripped off, where these could be used as dangerous weapons, causing concern to the public and staff of the court ho...
OPENED 39 minutes ago #8024743300

Parking Complaint at 16222 92 Avenue NW

Park to close to intersection
OPENED 40 minutes ago #8024743295

Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 9527 107 Avenue NW

Try to upload the photos, but I can't.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #8024743211

Potholes at Maple Rd NW

A grouping of potholes in the right turn lane onto 17 st.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #8024743207

Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 230 Kulawy Dr NW

I own the property and someone has left their red pick up truck and trailer in sidewalk road infront of our house and is also blocking our driveway
OPENED Work Planned-Route/Schedule Dependent - about 1 hour ago #8024743158

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