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Streetlight Maintenance at 2306 Martell Lane NW

Light is cycling. Light is on Magrath BLVD. Marked with orange flagging tape.
CLOSED about 11 hours ago #8021841385

Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 8908 79 Street NW

When driving out of the alley the hedging is blocking the view of the sidewalk making it unsafe as I can't see pedestrians or cyclists.
OPENED Warning Issued - about 11 hours ago #8021839479
Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 8908 79 Street NW

Parking Complaint at 677 Adams Way SW Ambleside

White Jeep parked in yield sign. Hard to see traffic past
CLOSED Citizen Complied - about 11 hours ago #8021842929

Potholes at Fox Dr NW Southwest Edmonton Edmonton

Fox Dr. west bound, left lane stretching from just after the curve to Campbell Bridge there are at least 6 volleyball sized holes.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #8021750931

Potholes at 12950 82 Street NW

The potholes are on 130 ave eastbound at the alley just west of 82 st
OPENED about 11 hours ago #8021843734

Other - Vandalism/Damage at 9611 105 Street NW

Gazobo adjacent to house vanda!ized property stolen /. Damaged
OPENED about 11 hours ago #8021843708

Potholes at 5360 23 Ave NW Mill Woods

Turning into the parking lot of of mcdonalds at 5360 23 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6X2. Big pot hole at the beginning.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #8021843615

Parking Complaint at 6440 Elston Loop NW

Parked too close to hydrant
CLOSED Vehicle Gone Upon Arrival - about 11 hours ago #8021843050

Trails at 13204 Fox Drive NW

The gravel road that connects the parking lot to the Grandview gravel SUP has been chained off for as long as I can remember. A path has been worn into the grass beside the path, but it drops off between a curb and is sketchy for less con...
CLOSED Citizen Contacted - about 11 hours ago #8021842909

Potholes at 15311 118 Avenue NW

Pavement sinking all along 118 Ave west bound from previous gas line work. Right lane 156st to 149st
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - about 11 hours ago #8021841443

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