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Litter Public Property at 10709 105 St NW

Table, broken glass, and construction signage
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - 40 minutes ago #8023804059

Obstruction - Public Road/Walkway at 10919 175 Ave NW Chambery

Abandoned shopping cart on boulevard east side of 110 Street, south of 175 Avenue
CLOSED about 1 hour ago #8023804076

Streetlight Maintenance at 1918 Tomlinson Way NW Terwillegar Towne

The street light near my house is cycling on and off at night.It’s the light with the no parking sign on it,.
CLOSED Reported to Repair Crew - about 1 hour ago #8023803849

Parking Complaint at 12213 125 Street NW

Been here for over 7 days. In front of my house and also not straight
CLOSED Enforcement Action Taken - about 2 hours ago #8023796782

Streetlight Maintenance at 10208 113 St North Central Edmonton

All the street lifts have been out on 113 street between at least 103 avenue to Jasper avenue for the last several night that I’ve noticed.
CLOSED Duplicate Request - about 2 hours ago #8023803624

Streetlight Maintenance at 1971 Tomlinson Square NW Terwillegar Towne

Streetlight in front of house is burnt out. Please replace. We have had a few break in attempts on the street in the past month and need proper lighting.
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - about 2 hours ago #8023803533

Street Sweeping at 1743 59 Street SW

Street sweeping was missed in our area
CLOSED about 2 hours ago #8023803605
Street Sweeping at 1743 59 Street SW

Parking Complaint at 11657 Jasper Avenue NW

The vehicle has not moved in at least two years, has a few flat tires and a broken window. It was haphazardly left "sort of" in a stall, and blocks a metre of the common alleyway.
CLOSED Does Not Meet Bylaw Offence Standards - about 2 hours ago #8023804364

Litter Public Property at 10975 158 St NW

Shopping cart in back alley. It is red and too the right
CLOSED about 2 hours ago #8023804785

Parking Complaint at 705 175 A Street SW

unattached trailer parked adjacent to disabled vehicle
CLOSED Citizen Complied - about 3 hours ago #8023804770

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