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Trails at 13221 Buena Vista Road NW

Missing lower railing. My daughter fell down the bank as a result of the missing lower safety railing.
CLOSED about 2 hours ago #8021846893
Trails at 13221 Buena Vista Road NW

Trails at 1660 103 A Street SW

Tree blown over blocking trail
OPENED about 8 hours ago #8021845206
Trails at 1660 103 A Street SW

Trails at 13204 Fox Drive NW

Please add a connector from the trail to the parking lot. The trail ends at the trees and you have to ride through grass in order to get to the road. The gravel path is great but this missing link really takes away from the experience
CLOSED Assessed-No Action Required - about 9 hours ago #8021842912

Trails at 7111 Saskatchewan Drive NW

A number of very serious holes and dugouts from various dogs exist that are a serious threat to humans and animal
OPENED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - about 11 hours ago #8021841235

Trails at 13204 Fox Drive NW

The gravel road that connects the parking lot to the Grandview gravel SUP has been chained off for as long as I can remember. A path has been worn into the grass beside the path, but it drops off between a curb and is sketchy for less con...
CLOSED Citizen Contacted - about 12 hours ago #8021842909

Trails at 17304 82 Avenue NW

Broken glass on path
CLOSED 311 Redirecting to Other Business Area - about 13 hours ago #8021822277

Trails at 1303 109 St NW Kaskitayo

Please replenish dog poop pick up bags in dispensers at off-leash area in and around Big Bear park. Increased amounts of dog poop are present as a result of there never being any bags in the city dispensers!! Don't use the Covid-19 issue...
CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - about 14 hours ago #8021840427

Trails at 8936 U 156 Avenue NW

Behind address there is a lot of gravel on the sidewalks. Need to have this blown off or sweeper away. My daughter took a spill on her bike because there are too many rocks at the sharp corners. Please have this taken care of as soon as p...
CLOSED Assessed-No Action Required - 1 day ago #8021374161
Trails at 8936 U 156 Avenue NW

Trails at 13715 20 Street NW

Stairs are in poor condition and over grown
OPENED 1 day ago #8021839808
Trails at 13715 20 Street NW

Trails at 9137 Jasper Avenue NW

Manhole cover removed on sewer next to trail in Dawson Park south of Jasper Ave.
CLOSED 2 days ago #8021838673
Trails at 9137 Jasper Avenue NW

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