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Road Maintenance at 9854 12 Avenue SW

New construction signs forcing traffic to the far right into a portion of road that has fallen away
CLOSED . - 4 days ago #8024591075

Road Maintenance at 11020 85 Avenue NW

Speed Bump by-pass curb/bike lane divider not marked and partially buried under snow. Please add a sign to this median/curb to prevent motorist from hitting it. Multiple tire tracks over curb indicate multiple hits.
CLOSED . - 5 days ago #8024615967

Road Maintenance at 11315 65 St NW

Back lane has deep ruts causing vehicles to get stuck while trying to enter garage
CLOSED 5 days ago #8024616921

Road Maintenance at 1010 Rabbit Hill Road SW

Need to make a dedicated right turn lane. The traffic backs up for a quite a ways back to the overpass.
CLOSED 5 days ago #8024581576

Road Maintenance at 6423 134 Avenue NW

I need some clarification on the parking bans. I thought I was part of the major roads, phase 1. I receive texts and emails when these roads will be plowed, we move and the road was plowed. Now I am receiving texts and emails for the resi...
CLOSED Assessed-No Action Required - 5 days ago #8024610633

Road Maintenance at 102 Ave NW

Hello there, There is a problem on 102 avenue west bound just before joining stony plain road. I wreck my tire twice and other cars are getting damages because of a catching basin sticking out into the street and also the line being ver...
CLOSED 311 Redirecting to Other Business Area - 5 days ago #8024598777
Road Maintenance at 102 Ave NW

Road Maintenance at 98 Ave NW

Just wanted to say thank you for filling in the side to side road split heading east on the one-way just before the Edmonton Riverboat! Really appreciate the quick response.
CLOSED 5 days ago #8024616720

Road Maintenance at 797 Tamarack Way NW

There is a part of a vehicle that needs to be removed. It is beside the 17 St. exit ramp east bound onto the Whitemud freeway. It has been there most of the winter.
OPENED Assigned - Assessment in Progress - 5 days ago #8024616547

Road Maintenance at 12223 142 Avenue NW

back lane getting very soft and unmanageable, very difficult to navigate, truck came by a week ago but barely touched the surface. This is a no exit back lane and therefore access is necessary.
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8024604755

Road Maintenance at 3632 130 A Avenue NW

CLOSED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 6 days ago #8024612658
Road Maintenance at 3632 130 A Avenue NW

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