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Parking Complaint at 7805 71 Street NW

Parked half on the side walk. Been parked like that for a few days
OPENED about 5 hours ago #8023804683

Parking Complaint at 9359 Pear Link SW

Car parked on sidewalk. Preventing access with baby stroller
OPENED about 5 hours ago #8023804677

Parking Complaint at 9425 132 Avenue NW

Bronze Pontiac vibe. Abandoned? Hasn't moved in over 2 weeks.
OPENED Warning Issued - about 6 hours ago #8023802470

Parking Complaint at 3444 49a St NW Mill Woods

1 ton van has parked without moving since September 2021 it across the street from 3444 49 a street it’s licence number is north west territories plate 318128 it’s also a hazard on the corner
OPENED about 7 hours ago #8023804475

Parking Complaint at 1811 56 St NW

Motorbike has been parked for 5 days in same spot. Don't recognize it.
OPENED Warning Issued - about 9 hours ago #8023792426

Parking Complaint at 3105 Checknita Way SW Heritage Valley

These car has parked since Thursday May 12th until today May 15th Sunday afternoon. We don’t know this car own it and never move. Just wondering is this parking illegal?not sure if this abandoned , this also close to my property along or...
OPENED about 11 hours ago #8023803748

Parking Complaint at 6503 90 Ave NW Kenilworth

Black Ford F-150 truck has been parked in front of our residence starting Saturday May 8. It has not been moved since then. It has been parked there for four nights, with today being the fifth day. Neighbors has recently moved on with 3 v...
OPENED Warning Issued - about 12 hours ago #8023789652

Parking Complaint at 2908 116 A Avenue NW

Not moved for at least a week. First sign to be an abandoned vehicle?
OPENED about 13 hours ago #8023803399

Parking Complaint at 11988 34 Avenue SW

Park on my drive way
OPENED about 16 hours ago #8023803187

Parking Complaint at 9669 84 Avenue NW

Black Toyota truck
OPENED Warning Issued - 1 day ago #8023802992

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