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Traffic Sign at Glastonbury Blvd NW

The street sign "69 Avenue" is missing at the intersection of 69 Ave & Glastonbury Blvd.
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8024310880

Traffic Sign at 515 Watt Boulevard SW

With the new playground and skating rink in place, I think the pedestrian crossings on Watt Boulevard need to get looked at and possibly upgraded to include flashing lights as pedestrian traffic has increased and with vehicles parked on t...
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8022129034

Traffic Sign at 180 Ambleside Drive SW

174 Ambleside Dr SW
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8024426819
Traffic Sign at 180 Ambleside Drive SW

Traffic Sign at 2005 37 A Avenue NW

Many children cross 37 Avenue in order to catch busses. There is a lot of traffic that utilizes 37 Avenue as their main thoroughfare to access/ exit 17 Street. Many times vehicles do not stop for pedestrians crossing 37 Avenue at 20 stree...
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8021478302

Traffic Sign at 11045 124 Street NW

111AVE AND 124ST NO LEFT TURN SIGN STILL UP FROM CONSTRUCTION. It still has not been taken down. There is a whole turning lane there for a reason which apparently can't even be used. I know there has been many more complaints about this...
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8024380116

Traffic Sign at 12408 111 Avenue NW

The no left sign that was up during construction got left behind. So the left turn lane has a no left sign at the end of it. :D
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8024378304
Traffic Sign at 12408 111 Avenue NW

Traffic Sign at 5315 Kimball Place SW

Main road to Joey Moss school needs '40km slow down' signage. Many contractors in the neighbourhood and speeding is an issue.
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8024385251

Traffic Sign at 5725 Keeping Crescent SW

Signage says 'construction access only' but this road is a main access point into Keswick on the River now that Ellerslie Rd west of 170th Street is closed.
CLOSED . - 22 days ago #8024385246

Traffic Sign at 13720 142 Street NW

This is a problem intersection that causes so much confusion for traffic. Especially when it's busy after a movie or rush hour. Going north from the ciniplex. There should be three marked lanes one for a left turn one to go straight on 1...
OPENED Assigned - Assessment in Progress - 22 days ago #8024426551

Traffic Sign at 5410 127 Avenue NW

Location is the exit from yellowhead trail eastbound onto Wayne gretzky drive southbound. The new exit is now open and as it is over a lane further than it was previously the current yield sign needs to be changed to a free flow sign as t...
CLOSED . - 23 days ago #8024335410

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