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Potholes at 11312 132 Avenue NW

Horrible rough potholes here makes driving Very unpleasant.
CLOSED Duplicate Request Exists - 3 days ago #8024278832

Potholes at 16703 82 Street NW

CLOSED . - 3 days ago #8024104152
Potholes at 16703 82 Street NW

Potholes at 7114 98 St NW

Not pothole but tree branch half broken off tree blocking road
CLOSED 4 days ago #8024449243
Potholes at 7114 98 St NW

Potholes at 13110 Rainbow Valley Road NW

Whitemud Drive, Rainbow Valley bridge , East bound right lane shoulder
CLOSED . - 5 days ago #8024401662

Potholes at Gateway Blvd NW

Turning left (west) off of Gateway onto 42 Avenue - there is a large pothole that is almost impossible to miss every time! It seems perfectly round and the size of a dinner plate.
OPENED Work Planned-Route/Schedule Dependent - 6 days ago #8024444059

Potholes at 4110 Gateway Blvd NW

gateway blvd (calgary trail) north and 42 ave . as you turn left from calgary trail just past olive garden there is a HUGE freaking pot hole that is getting bigger and you can not miss it as you turn . to go down 42 ave .. I have hit th...
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8024447096

Potholes at 11308 129 Avenue NW

Pot hole
OPENED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 6 days ago #8024416951

Potholes at 12604 153 Avenue NW

This entire street is garbage and falling apart.
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8024443410

Potholes at 6708 75 Street NW

Pot hole
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8024437634

Potholes at 122 34 Ave NW

Pothole on Northbound left lane at traffic light getting bigger
CLOSED . - 6 days ago #8024434519

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