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Potholes at 1020 Lakewood Rd North NW Mill Woods

A City truck went down our alley this morning spraying something. Now my alley is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to pass through and access our driveways. Parking ban in effect so we can't street park, and even if it was off the windrows are so bad yo...
OPENED less than a minute ago #8023442454
Potholes at 1020 Lakewood Rd North NW Mill Woods

Potholes at 3910 Kennedy Crescent SW

Three substantial potholes between 170 st and 181 st on Ellerslie road SW. (9 ave SW). These potholes are in the westbound lane. Getting bigger and not a lot of room to go around them due to narrow road width.
OPENED 21 minutes ago #8023442276

Potholes at 6945 75 Street NW

Large deep pothole just at entrance or exit of Petro-Can/ strip mall. Curbside along curb.
OPENED 28 minutes ago #8023442227

Potholes at 11308 C 130 Avenue NW

OPENED about 1 hour ago #8023441972
Potholes at 11308 C 130 Avenue NW

Potholes at 10287 92 Street NW

OPENED about 2 hours ago #8023441545

Potholes at Ab 216

Anthony Henday south and Whitemud east bound
OPENED about 3 hours ago #8023441036

Potholes at 109 St NW Edmonton Ab

from 111 Avenue to 105 Avenue.
OPENED about 5 hours ago #8023440050

Potholes at 16917 82 Street NW

There's a huge pothole on 82nd street, north of where is indicated on the address provided on this map. It's on the northernmost tip of the meridian (northbound lane) separating the north and southbound lanes of 82nd street, right around...
OPENED about 5 hours ago #8023440004

Potholes at 15803 16 Avenue NW

OPENED about 6 hours ago #8023439956

Potholes at 167 A Ave Edmonton Ab

Everyone be extremely careful when driving on 112 st after turning off of 167 ave!! There is a massive sink hole on the right side of the road heading north. I know multiple persons that have had two damaged tires and rims. I drive a 1 to...
OPENED about 11 hours ago #8023439902

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