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(Winter Roads) at 8523 40 Ave NW Mill Woods

Entry to back alley, south from 40 Ave is almost not passable. Vehicles gets stuck in snow/ice accumulated. Please send crews to make entry accessible. Thx
OPENED Deferred-Future Work Planned. - 7 months ago #8023461708

(Winter Roads) at 4201 Winterburn Road NW

Incredibly icy... major safety concern...
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023353054

(Winter Roads) at 14004 Ellerslie Road SW

Ellerslie Dip needs sanding in all directions. Please and Thank you! Ellerslie Road at 141 Street SW *** all directions *** Northbound Southbound Eastbound Westbound. Up and Down Hill. ****Please add this intersection to all future sandin...
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023353052

(Winter Roads) at 12202 94 Street NW

The Avenue on 122 ave from 97 street to 82 street needs to be sanded as the street is extremely slippery as u can barely stop safely
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023353042

(Winter Roads) at 11311 72 Avenue NW

The road hasn't been cleared properly and the left hand lane too narrow. You have to Overhang the middle lane which is dangerous and could cause an accident
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023353039

(Winter Roads) at 4027 106 Street NW

Intersection is like a skating rink
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023353011

(Winter Roads) at 11232 100 Avenue NW

Snow has not been cleared properly from 100 Avenue. Lots of snow still on the road down the middle.
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023353009

(Winter Roads) at 9408 73 Street NW

Snow blocking road and parking - I want a call back in regards to this.
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023352945
(Winter Roads) at 9408 73 Street NW

(Winter Roads) at 630 174 Street SW

Four way stop is a complete sheet of ice, extremely hard for pedestrians to walk and cars to stop in all directions
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023352931

(Winter Roads) at 12115 Winterburn Rd NW Northwest Edmonton

Entire road ( winterburn road) from yellowhead north towards hawksridge is insanely icy! Needs sanded asap
CLOSED 9 months ago #8023352848

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