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Street Sweeping at 10532 35 Ave NW Duggan

I would like to request additional signage on the street where I live as to keeping cars off the street when street sweeping takes place. In the past, I have had employees from a group home across the street move their cars across the st...
CLOSED about 3 hours ago #8022368443

Street Sweeping at 3534 9 Street NW

Street sweeper came by yesterday. Today crew comes and blows all the stuff on the road and creates huge mess. Dangerous for street bikes and children on bikes. Needs to be addressed ASAP.
CLOSED about 4 hours ago #8022372164

Street Sweeping at 1840 30 Street NW

No notice given for street sweeping i did not see any signs in the am and by 430 the roads where being cleaned so there were alot of cars on the road so the road is dirty still. You have to give people a heads up when you're doing road wo...
CLOSED about 4 hours ago #8022371904

Street Sweeping at 1096 Goodwin Circle NW

The inside of the loop was missed today. Only the outside was done (and there is only one way in and out).
CLOSED about 19 hours ago #8022364630
Street Sweeping at 1096 Goodwin Circle NW

Street Sweeping at 6032 34 Street NW

Broken glass and excessive gravel...I asked the city to clean this parking lot and they told me it was serviced by epcor, I called epcor and they said the parking lot was serviced by the city...someone needs to take responsibility for thi...
CLOSED 1 day ago #8022360628

Street Sweeping at 149 St NW Edmonton Division No. 11

Note is to send a BIG THANK YOU TO THE SWEEPER CREWS working 8 trucks at 3 am on Thursday morning. They did a marvelous job of cleaning 149 st from 87 ave to 100 a ave North / South plus 100 a ave from 156 st to 149 st East / West. Pass m...
CLOSED 2 days ago #8022372961

Street Sweeping at 3528 8 Street NW

street sweeping took place yesterday 8 Apr. Today the street is full of debris because the landscaping truck came through and topped up the mulch on all the boulevard trees. Entire street needs to be re-done.
CLOSED 3 days ago #8022371565
Street Sweeping at 3528 8 Street NW

Street Sweeping at 11636 86 St NW North Central Edmonton

Only one side of street jas been swept but water truck came by yesterday for water blasting wash. Still need sweeping on west side of street
CLOSED 3 days ago #8022368856

Street Sweeping at North Central Edmonton Edmonton Division No. 11

Please ensure to sweep clean the parking lots of all the City-owned recreation centres/ arenas along with the streets. Example: streets by Grand Trunk are swept but the GT Centre's parking lots were left extremely filthy. They pose hazar...
CLOSED Work to be completed as per online schedule - 4 days ago #8022367726

Street Sweeping at 12010 104 Street NW

Street was not swept last year; am hoping that will not repeat. 104 street from 120 to 121 ave.
CLOSED 4 days ago #8022366244
Street Sweeping at 12010 104 Street NW

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