Park Grass Maintenance at 17831 93 St NW Lake District

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Submitted Tue Jul 28, 2020

We have lived and paid r Taxes at this address for almost forty years. This year the park we back onto was completely yellow with dandelions , then it overgrew to a foot high, now it is completely white as it is covered in clover, see attached photo. I understand there are special circumstances however this has been getting worse every year. When is the city going to do the things it is suppose to do instead of wasting money on bike paths and special interest wish lists.

Where: Green Space (excluding Blvd)

Issue: Grass Cutting Required

Area? (e.g. SW corner): Entire park is not being taken care of. Weeds. Lazy contractors not doing a good job mowing and tri

address: 17831 93 STREET NW

coordinates x,y: 34114.031466291955, 5945569.054831303

coordinates lat,lng: 53.64173, -113.484142

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