City Maintained Sidewalk at 10700 104 Avenue NW

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Submitted Wed Mar 10, 2021

While spring puddles are to be expected, this particular puddle hasn't been dry in well over a year. There is a hose draining runoff water onto the multi-use path leading cyclists and pedestrians to walk around the puddle. This has led to significant erosion of the sides of the pathway. It is always wet and muddy, and I hope there is a spring fix that will prevent this area from being a messy nuisance for another season! Thanks

Issue: Ice

Area? (e.g. SW Corner, north side): Bike path connecting 105 Ave to 104 Ave at 112st

Accessibility/disability issue? yes

address: 11230 104 AVENUE NW

coordinates x,y: 32225.823562656737, 5935070.1854009675

coordinates lat,lng: 53.54751194966666, -113.5137778285025

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