Street Sweeping at 11139 64 Avenue NW

CLOSED . - about 1 month ago #8023976058
Submitted Wed Jun 29, 2022

Infill damage / degradation of alley behind build. Heavy clay / mud at build & alley intersection. Alley impossible for motorcycles, difficult for small cars due to traction concerns & incline of alley. In travel out in the west bound direction also challenging due to previous excessively large build & it's constant upgrades or another new build at west entry to alley. Excessive damage to aging / deteriorating alley. Large sharp potholes filled with water hiding hazards to cars. Please address concerns. Other neighbours have made complaints existing residence are unable to safely access their properties off alley.

Issue: Neighbourhood completed and street was missed

Where: Road

Accessibility/disability issue? yes

address: 11139 64 AVENUE NW

coordinates x,y: 31948.25742446096, 5929872.100619011

coordinates lat,lng: 53.5008208845301, -113.5184955538778

Timestamp Description
Mon Jul 04, 2022 07:02am Closed
Wed Jun 29, 2022 01:08pm Opened
Wed Jun 29, 2022 01:08pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone