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Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 406 Clareview Road NW

Alley badly rutted, flooded and snow covered, cars getting stuck
OPENED 24 minutes ago #8023441790
Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 406 Clareview Road NW

Pooling water due to Depression on Road at 2028 47 St NW Mill Woods

The ally behind is getting rutted and impassable.
OPENED 25 minutes ago #8023441782

Winter Roads at 918 Wildwood Way NW

As per the winter road cleaning map our street was to be cleared on january 10th, then was moved to january 21st but has still not cleared.
OPENED 25 minutes ago #8023441781

Parking Complaint at 4 Ave SW & 3 Ave SW Southeast Edmonton Edmonton

Abandoned vehicle. Green gmc envoy has not moved in a few months. Parked on major road and did not move during parking ban.
OPENED Warning Issued - 27 minutes ago #8023438516

Windrows at 15432 102 St NW Beaumaris

Is there a timeframe when our windrows will be cleared? There is no place to park for some people and the sidewalks have been more than partially covered and very difficult to clean as there are large chunks of ice and snow. Very frustrat...
OPENED 27 minutes ago #8023441755

Winter Roads at 2235 Price Lane SW

No residential clearing of this lane has been done at all this winter. The warm temps are making this challenging now. Need it cleared down to pavement
OPENED 29 minutes ago #8023441751

Windrows at 12120 152c Ave NW Northwest Edmonton

Windrows in front of houses, I have no place for the garbage containers and the organic containers. please have someone come out to remove this snow. I am unable to remove this as I am injured.
OPENED 32 minutes ago #8023441730

Winter Roads at 3404 Parker Loop SW

The city made a failed attempt at clearing the street and now with warmer temperatures it is horrible. Please clear to pavement and remove the windrows
OPENED 32 minutes ago #8023441727

Windrows at 11712 150 Avenue NW

This can't be serious. Pushing snow around and creating 4 feet windrows is not "snow clearing." This is unacceptable. Come back and take the snow away. Actually CLEAR IT like the city told us they would do. And considering it just rained...
OPENED 33 minutes ago #8023441723
Windrows at 11712 150 Avenue NW

Winter Roads at 12704 137 Avenue NW

North bound on 127 street and 137 ave enter section needs road salt asap
OPENED 37 minutes ago #8023441688

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