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Trails at 109 St NW

Thank you for clearing the loose snow from the High Level bridge. Unfortunately there is now a thick packed icy layer on the path that is slippery. Could the bridge pathway be cleared down to bare pavement for safety?
CLOSED . - 24 days ago #8024411545
Trails at 109 St NW

Trails at 16535 106 Street NW

The trail that runs at the side of my home I always maintain. I blow the snow off of it because every year the city snow clearing push the snow to our front street causing issue between my driveway and my neighbor. The other reason is tha...
CLOSED 25 days ago #8024408992
Trails at 16535 106 Street NW

Trails at Patricia Ravine Trail, 7103 156 St Nw, Edmonton T5 R 5 M3

Stairs SB2090 have not been cleared yet. All other stairs in area have been done. May have been an oversite. Thanks.
CLOSED Work to be completed as per online schedule - 28 days ago #8024412221

Trails at River Valley Capitol Hill

Missing off leash park boundary sign along north west boundary
CLOSED 29 days ago #8024337310

Trails at 9100 Walterdale Hill NW

This isn't a tree light, it's on the bridge rail. East side of Walterdale bridge on the pathway about 1/4 from the south end of bridge. The LED light is pulled out and the wire is hanging. Someone could easily pull it out more, not good i...
CLOSED 30 days ago #8024187762
Trails at 9100 Walterdale Hill NW

Trails at Emily Murphy Park, 11904 Emily Murphy Park Rd Nw, Edmonton T6 G 2 B6

Hand launch area. Hello, as there is no dock yet at this park, we need to use the area West to the dock to bring our paddle boards or canoes to the water. That area is in a very bad shape. It is steep and has a lot of rocks that made it V...
CLOSED 30 days ago #8024136453

Trails at Alfred H. Savage Centre, 13909 Fox Dr NW

In the past 24 hours the City has made a big mess along the beautiful nature trail 1 km from the Savage Cnt towards Snow Valley. They threw a cut tree onto newly rehab bank with new native plants along the creek. The tree wood needs to be...
CLOSED . - 30 days ago #8024115271

Trails at 9212 Rowland Road NW

Stairs never cleared
CLOSED 30 days ago #8024408172
Trails at 9212 Rowland Road NW

Trails at 3704 44 Street NW

Cleared trail in two directions and left Approx 3ft high windrows in other two directions blocking trails.
CLOSED Citizen Contacted - 30 days ago #8024397868
Trails at 3704 44 Street NW

Trails at 12457 18 A Avenue SW

The person grading the trails in Rutherford is doing a poor job he's not even putting his blade down . Need to learn how to grade what a waste of tax payers money. Send him back to do a proper job
CLOSED More Information Required, Please Call 311 - about 1 month ago #8024403043
Trails at 12457 18 A Avenue SW

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